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<![CDATA[An Abundant Universe]]>Sat, 14 Dec 2019 02:36:58 GMThttp://csltricities.org/affirmative-prayers/december-13th-2019TrI live in an abundant universe. All about me is the Soft Presence that manifests Itself as the reality in which I move and live. I know that I have found the right way to be open and receptive to the possibility of abundance in the universe and of prosperity as an individualized experience of this abundance in my life. The way is open to me; the right setting and opportunity for this realization come to me on the chessboard of life. The right circumstances align with me in perfect synchronicity. Life is miraculous in the ways it brings such fortuitous happenings to me. I know that such miracles come in even the most casual of ways. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. I am ready right here, right now. I believe resolutely in my abundance as God made manifest in me, as me, through me, into my life. I know that everything I touch teems with the abundance of Life. My affairs are alive with Divine Circulation of this Life, pulsing and moving and unfolding as every good thing. I love Life and Life loves me. Gratitude overflows within me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I release my words, knowing that they are truth in my life even as I speak them. World without end. And so it is.

Treatment contributed by Donny Anderson, RScP]]>
<![CDATA[The Possibilities of This Time]]>Sat, 14 Dec 2019 02:34:36 GMThttp://csltricities.org/affirmative-prayers/the-possibilities-of-this-timeGratefully I celebrate the powerful presence of Life within me. I look around my world and see It everywhere. It is awakening our souls, nurturing our spirits, clearing our minds and purifying our hearts. This presence within and around me is The Divine. All powerful, all knowing, everywhere present. 

I acknowledge that together we are opening to a new way of being. No longer do we blame and shame.  No longer do we hold anything against another. We are ready to be loving kindness in action, peace personified, Love made manifest.

I personally commit myself to the possibilities of this time, knowing it is Divine Time, and I declare that only the highest good and greatest joy for all is at hand. I pledge myself to my human family to live the very best life, to think on good things, to celebrate Life in all its forms.  I promise to honor and respect The Divine in everyone and everything.

Gratefully I release these words, knowing Divine Mind is assisting me in attaining and maintaining the consciousness I have declared.  And so It is.

Treatment contributed by Cecelia Ward, RScP]]>
<![CDATA[The abundance of the Universe Knows No Bounds.]]>Sat, 14 Dec 2019 02:30:12 GMThttp://csltricities.org/affirmative-prayers/the-abundance-of-the-universe-knows-no-boundsThe abundance of this universe knows no bounds. I know that within this abundance, all around this abundance, keeping vigil over this abundance is the Eternal Creative Source. This Source is the font of all abundance flowing forth into manifestation as the blades of grass in the savannahs, the drops of rain in the sky, the grains of sand on the shore.

It is within this vibrant, active backdrop of fathomless abundance that I am. I am fundamentally connected to this wellspring of abundance. I am inundated with this abundance, and it is for realization of this abundance as prosperity in my experience that I speak these words.

God within me is the certain guidance of that still Voice. I am guided in each and every act I take into the deeper recesses of abundance. Divine Right Action leads me to security in all my affairs: activity in my vocation and finances cement my birthright as recipient of the bounty of the universe. It is my Father's good pleasure to provide for me every manifestation of abundance as prosperity to me, through me. The greatest and best for me means that I am well taken care of, Divinely compensated, and reassured that this is happening right here, right now, for I can never lose anything that is mine by Divine Right. I know with certainty that this is so. It is the Good awaiting me in every now moment.

I give great thanks that this is the miracle of my life right here and right now. What a blessing.

​I entrust my word into the Law of Correspondences, certain in its evolution to follow its involution in mine own vision. It is done unto me as I believe it--World without end. And so it is.

Treatment contributed by Donny Anderson, RScP]]>